Please click here for an update on home learning opportunities!

Blades Elementary recognizes that each home and family has a different level of digital and remote connectivity. We kept this in mind, along with grade-level appropriateness, when creating our K-2 Remote Learning Plan. Seaford School District's other K-2 building, West Seaford Elementary, will be implementing the same plan.

Although not required to participate in the Remote Learning Plan, a regular check-in with Class Dojo platform will keep you up to date with additional enrichment opportunities and enhanced school communications with your teachers. If you have not yet signed up for Class Dojo, please do so.  This will be our primary form of communication from our school moving forward. 

An optional Remote Learning Plan, with learning activities for various subject areas, will be mailed to all families on Friday, April 3rd. Please consider having your student complete one learning activity each day from the grade-specific plan to decrease brain-drain during our school closure. Submission of activity completion to teachers for feedback and accountability is available but optional at this time.

In addition to the mailing mentioned above, grade-appropriate learning materials will also be made available for families at the entrance of Blades Elementary. Families can participate in a grab-and-go for these supplemental materials from 8-4 this Wednesday-Friday. Please be considerate of all of our children and only take one bag of the appropriate grade-level materials per student. These materials are NOT needed to complete the activities in the Remote Learning Plan and are purely supplemental.

Stay safe!!!